CoD Modern Warfare 3: All the info on the brand new Zombies mode

The new Call of Duty comes with a Zombies mode that has some exciting new features. We’ve got all the info for you

Normally, Call of Duty makes every effort to come across as deadly serious in terms of plot and staging. However, there has been one exception for many years: the Zombies mode. This is an alternative multiplayer mode in which everything revolves around the shambling undead. In this FAQ, we explain how Zombies mode works in the new Modern Warfare 3

How does the Zombies mode work?

At its core, Zombies mode is all about elaborately staged multiplayer experiences. These are large-scale: Eight teams of three players each compete, so there are a total of 24 opponents on one map.

Survival at all costs:&nbspYour task as a team is to achieve changing mission objectives and then escape from the area, which the developers refer to as the Extraction Survival Experience&nbsp. The trick is that you have to complete the mission under time pressure before the ever-growing ether storm finishes you off.

So we’re not talking about classic PvP (player versus player) here, which brings us to the next question without further ado.

What new features does Modern Warfare 3’s Zombies mode offer?

Even Zombies veterans will have to adjust to a few new features in Modern Warfare 3:

Player-vs-Environment (PvE): You don’t fight against the other players, but rather against the hostile environment on the map. Because it’s not just the eponymous zombies that are up to mischief, nasty mercenary troops are also out to get you.

Giant Open World: According to the (official Call of Duty blog) Modern Warfare 3 will feature the largest zombies map of all time and will certainly do justice to the term Open World. The different regions will even have an increasing level of difficulty.

More zombies: That’s what fans of the shuffling fashionable felines want to read, isn’t it? In Modern Warfare 3, more zombies than ever before are said to be out to get you and your fellow players.

New story missions: Zombies mode will once again tell its own story, complete with cutscenes and special missions.

Is there a story in Zombies mode?

The storyline of Modern Warfare 3’s Zombies mode continues the Dark Aether saga of its predecessor. The nasty antagonist Viktor Zakhaev returns with his mercenary squad Terminus Outcomes. He finds the coveted aetherium in a hotel. The only problem is that the glass vial (who puts such dangerous stuff in there?!) breaks shortly afterwards and turns everyone who inhales it into bloodthirsty zombies.

In the Zombies mode of Modern Warfare 3, real CoD celebrities pull the trigger this time. None other than Task Force 141, known from the single-player campaign, in the person of Soap and Kate Laswell, takes on the zombies.

Are you already looking forward to the new Zombies mode of Modern Warfare 3? Did you already enjoy hunting down the undead mob in the CoD predecessors? Or is the whole scenario far too crazy for you, which is why you’d much rather play the regular multiplayer mode? We’d love to hear your opinion, so let us know in the comments!

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