Cobalt Core review: rootin’ tootin’ timeloop space shootin’

If there’s one genre I’ve never quite had the reflexes or spatial awareness for, it’s the bullet hell shooter. I’ve long admired their intricate dances of orbs and criss-crossing laser fire, but I have long resigned myself to merely being a spectator of such games, rather than an active ship pilot. Cobalt Core, however, is exactly my kind of speed. It’s not a bullet hell shooter, but it is about two spaceships facing off against each other in an eyes-locked duel of incoming cannon fire, and sliding side to side to avoid getting exploded as you attempt to unravel the mysterious timeloop your crew of weird space animals appear to be stuck in. Just, you know, in a neat, turn-based fashion, where your opponent’s attacks are flagged up in advance, and you must use your randomised deck of cards to weave and dodge your way to victory. It’s very moreish, and very Into The Breach. I love it.

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