Cities: Skylines 2 announcement said to be imminent

Publisher Paradox is set to announce Colossal Order’s next game at a showcase. Fans are hoping for a sequel to Cities: Skylines.

Cities: Skylines is now almost eight years old, but still receives minor expansions and DLCs in 2023. Nevertheless, there’s no denying that the acclaimed construction game is getting a little long in the tooth. But it is possible that we will soon be able to play a successor: At a Paradox showcase, the developers of Colossal Order are supposed to present their new game.

Will Cities: Skylines 2 be announced?

Officially, an announcement of Cities: Skylines 2 has not been confirmed yet. On the (official website) of the showcase it only says:

The genre-defining studio behind the worldwide hit Cities: Skylines will unveil its latest incredible game.

That the new game is a successor to the construction game, however, is quite likely. Colossal Order previously developed only two parts of the traffic simulation Cities in Motion, which cannot even begin to compete with the enormous success of Cities: Skylines.

The new game is likely to be a successor to the construction game.

The city builder not only does well in our test, but is also extremely popular on Steam, where it comes up with (93 percent positive reviews). Over the years, a positive trend in player numbers can even be observed to this day, as can be seen (at SteamDB) . The unbroken popularity of the game is also thanks to the community.

Due to its success, a successor for Paradox would most likely be worthwhile. Whether Cities: Skylines 2 will really be announced, however, we will only find out at the showcase on 6 March 2023 from 18:00 You can most likely follow the event via the (YouTube channel) of publisher Paradox.

What happens in Cities: Skylines?

While the announcement of the sequel may be imminent, Cities: Skylines continues to blithely release expansions, which are featured in the video above. In November and December 2022, for example, the mini-expansions Roads & Vehicles, as well as Financial Districts and further content packs were up.

This year we will continue with a World Tour, which will bring country-themed content. Perhaps we will learn more about this at the showcase. But it’s not just the developers who remain creative, the community does too: some are building authentic medieval villages instead of modern metropolises.

After all these years, would you finally like to see Cities: Skylines 2? Or are you still satisfied with the first part and just waiting for new expansions and mods? What features would you hope for in a sequel? Feel free to write it in the comments!

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