Bright and breezy horror hotel thingy Roman Sands RE:Build gets an intoxicating demo

Paratopic was a muddy, blood-filled VHS cassette of a game, a game of midnight highways, pinched, pixellated faces and acidic service station lighting. The next game from developer Arbitrary Metric, Roman Sands RE:Build, is… very different, at least on the surface.

The first Act of the new Steam demo sees you staggering onto the beach below some kind of tropical resort. You wander up past the pools to the cavernous lobby and are immediately set upon by haggard guests, who appear to think you’re a member of staff. So you become a member of staff, fetching margaritas, tracking down the check-in ledger and running downstairs to adjust the boiler settings. You earn XP from quests towards employee ranks that unlock useful items at vending machines. And you try to work out what you’re doing here, or why everybody’s so terrified of the sun. I haven’t deciphered the mystery yet.

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