Best Jiyan team comps in Wuthering Waves

We can’t talk about team compositions in Wuthering Waves without mentioning one of the best DPS powerhouses. Here are the best Jiyan team compositions in Wuthering Waves.

Best F2P Jiyan team composition in Wuthering Waves

Screenshot: PC Invasion

ResonatorRoleResonance SkillIntro SkillOutro SkillJiyanMain DPSWindqueller:Dash forward a certain distance, dealing Aero DMG. Can be cast in the air.Tactical Strike:Jiyan pierces the target in mid-air, dealing Aero DMG.Discipline:When the next character’s (or other characters on a nearby team that activates an Outro Skill) Heavy Attack hits a target, Jiyan will summon Qinqloong to launch a Coordinated Attack, dealing Aero DMG equal to 313.40% of Jiyan’s ATK. This attack lasts for 8s, and can be triggered once every 1s. up to 2 times.YangyangSub-DPSZephyr Domain:Yangyang wields her sword to create a whirling vortex of winds that gathers nearby enemies to the center, dealing Aero DMG.Cerulean Song:Yangyang sends the tar…

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