Best builds for winning Crucibles in Lords of the Fallen

Crucibles are terribly tough challenges in Lords of the Fallen, so to take on these boss runs, you’ll want the best builds for the job.

Table of contentsWhat is the best build for the Crucibles in Lords of the Fallen?Best builds for the Crucibles in Lords of the FallenLimitless Hunter buildRhogar Warrior buildRadiant Lord build

What is the best build for the Crucibles in Lords of the Fallen?

Considering how tough these Crucibles are, and what they take to unlock, most players trying to complete them will be using a character they’ve beaten the game at least once for this. This means that there is a huge freedom of build choice, as you can reset your stats and collect any weapon and armor you need.

There are two answers to the question of best builds for the crucible. You can either rock with whatever build you used to beat the game, as it’ll be familiar and you’ll be effective with it, or whatever build the next boss is weak to.

Considering you ar…

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