Best Baizhi team comps in Wuthering Waves

Baizhi has quickly become my favorite healer and support character in Wuthering Waves. She’s dynamic in her setup, which can make her a threat. However, knowing the best Baizhi team comps in Wuthering Waves can bring out the best in her.

Wuthering Waves: Best Baizhi team comps

This four-star healer can help her team last and provide damage boosts to any one character. The only fault that I have found is that unlike the other support character Verina who’s abilities cover the whole team, Bazihi can only do single target moves for the most part.

So let’s run through some team comps that utilize her best aspects. 

Best comps for Baizhi 

Each of the following team compositions is not ranked, they offer a different play style. Which is what Wuthering Wave is about. The more you experiment with other characters or different combos, the more you can adjust to the ever-changing meta of the RPG.

Balanced comp for Baizhi

Screenshot: PC Invasion

Rover –…

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