Almost every still image from this new Steam game has the makings of a desktop wallpaper

Greenfield hasn’t even been released yet, but it’s already clear that we don’t get to see these graphics every day

There are so many games on Steam that it is extremely difficult not to overlook a potential gem. One of them could Greenfield be – could, because of course we haven’t been able to play it yet and therefore don’t know whether what’s on show is fun.

We don’t have to worry about the graphics, though. Don’t worry, we’ve created a screenshot gallery for you to take a look at at your leisure. Now we’ll also explain what Greenfield is all about in terms of gameplay.

Or you can watch the announcement trailer first – whatever you like:

A forgotten factory full of mysteries

In Greenfield, you take on the role of a researcher exploring an abandoned factory on an island. Lost technologies await you there that give you unique abilities – and you must use them to solve further puzzles in order to uncover a dark secret

But is it even real? Well, of course it isn’t, we’re talking about a video game here, but what we mean is: Is the researcher perhaps imagining all this? According to the Steam description, we’re also supposed to explore the surreal world of a broken subconscious And in the description of adult content it says: depictions of alcohol abuse

Well, let’s move on to the graphics. As already mentioned, they are extraordinary. It is already clear that Greenfield works a lot with lighting moods and that the island facility has many different scenarios to offer both above and below sea level. Aren’t you already itching to take a screenshot to create a new wallpaper for your desktop?

Greenfield does not yet have a release date. (On Steam) but if you are interested, you can already add it to your wishlist so that you don’t miss any more news about the game.

So, is Greenfield getting the green light from you? Okay, sorry, we just couldn’t resist this one, we’ll throw a euro into the flat joke pig too. What do you think of the game? Are you also so enthusiastic about the visuals or do you rather suspect that the gameplay doesn’t appeal to you? Let us know what you think in the comments below:

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