All side quest locations in Wuthering Waves

The main quest line of Wuthering Waves is fun on its own. But, like most RPGs, the side quest you run into makes the game feel complete. Knowing all side quest locations with this guide in Wuthering Waves can be beneficial. 

Wuthering Waves: All side quest locations

Doing these quests might be forced on you because they can help increase your Union Level and other things. Side quests in Wuthering Waves can be easily identified by the blue question mark.

If you’re planning on being a completionist, you should keep this guide open while playing. However, since Wuthering Waves is a live service game, more side quests may be added at a later date. When that happens, we’ll update this piece. 

Screenshot: PC Invasion

Where to find each side quest in Wuthering Waves

The list below will go over where all the side quest locations in Wuthering Waves. It would be a good idea to keep this page open while playing.

Name of the QuestLocation of the QuestRewards for…

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