All Ship Types in Skull and Bones

From a small and harmless boat to the most menacing and powerful ship in the world. Here are all the different ship types in Skull and Bones. Skull and Bones: All Ship Types While the game is currently undergoing an open beta period, Skull and Bones does have a pretty significant collection of ships for you to experiment with. After crashing your ship against the British Navy, you will be left with a very harmless Dhow. However, if you invest the time to collect all the materials and gain the necessary infamy inside the pirate community, building bigger and more powerful ships shouldn’t be an issue. Here is the list of all the ship types in Skull and Bones: ShipDescriptionShip TypePerksDhowA small vessel originally built to hunt wildlife along rivers and coastlines.DPS: Specialized in dealing damage and status effects, the DPS favors an aggressive playstyle.Hunter: Preserves wildlife materials from hunting.BedarA small maneuverable ship that can ram targets and cause flo…

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