Alisaie and Estinien Model for FFXIV Puma Wear

Two members of the Scions of the Seventh Dawn have joined the Warrior of Light to promote Puma’s new line of Final Fantasy XIV-inspired wear. The FFXIV and Puma collection, “A Wardrobe Reborn,” went on sale today. The official Puma Japan account also tweeted out a promo video featuring three Final Fantasy XIV characters decked out in the items.

The commercial shows Scions characters Alisaie Leveilleur and Estinien Varlineau walking about a modern cityscape dressed in the Puma x FFXIV street wear. They’re also joined by the Warrior of Light, or at least, the default male Midlander Hyur version seen in the various Final Fantasy XIV opening scenes. Alisaie wears the white hoodie with the game’s meteor, and carries a backpack emblazoned with the line’s logo, which incorporates the Final Fantasy XIV Fat Cat. Estinien wears a crossbody bag, cap, and shorts in the same style. Both wear sneakers from the line as well, specifically the “Unisex eSports Slipstreams”, with a blue colorway and a crystal-themed lace ornament.

Meanwhile the Warrior of Light is dressed in the all-black “gaming hoodie”, which features a pattern of the Fat Cat, Fat Chocobo, and Fat Black Chocobo. In one part of the trailer he’s wearing the black-and-purple eSports Slipstreams, but  at the close of the trailer he’s wearing a different pair that matches the “Court and Rider Chaos Basketball Shoes”.

The FFXIV x Puma street wear line is available in Japan and North America via Puma’s online storefront. Final Fantasy XIV is available on PC, PS4, and PS5.

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