Al Infamy Ranks in Skull and Bones

Rise from being a complete nobody to becoming a pirate worthy of a name given by a unique physical trait! Here are all the Infamy ranks in Skull and Bones. Skull and Bones: Al Infamy Ranks Whether it is a new career or a new particular set of skills you want to learn, we all start small in the grand scheme of things to continuously improve and scale the hierarchies and, from time to time, even challenge the status quo. The same thing applies to piracy, or at least that’s what I would say if I were a pirate – which I am not, of course. With that being said, Skull and Bones does provide a very particular portrayal of escalating the different ranks of a fictional pirate system. This is called Infamy, and it is correctly named given the implications of running a pirate enterprise and how a famous pirate would be seen in the real world. Yeah, no romanticizing any Jack Sparrow lookalikes here – that’s Captain Jack Sparrow for you. There are a total of 10 diff…

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