Ace Attorney Diffusers Inspired by Key Character Rooms

People will be able to decorate their rooms with Ace Attorney fragrances. Capcom revealed that it is working with fav’s room TOKYO to produce room diffusers inspired by characters from Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Trilogy.

Pre-orders for these diffusers are available in Japan via e-Capcom and fav’s room TOKYO websites. Each item will be available at 4,400 yen (~$29). The companies will release these items on January 25, 2024—the same day Capcom releases the Apollo Justice trilogy compilation worldwide.

Here is the full list of character rooms that serve as the basis for each diffuser, as well as the ingredients used.

Ryuichi Naruhodo / Phoenix Wright – based on the Wright Anything Agency

Top: Lemon, Bergamot, Grape Fruit

Middle: Marine, Pear, Aqua Lily, Light Jasmine

Base: Watery Musk (Luxury Amber)

Housuke Odoroki / Apollo Justice – based on the Justice Law Offices in Khura’in

Top: Lemon, Grape Fruit

Middle: Mint, Marine, Ginger, Cassis, Aqua Lily, Light Jasmine

Base: Paccheri, Cedarwood (Woody Amber Musk)

Reiji Mitsurugi / Miles Edgeworth – based on the High Prosecutor’s Office Room 1202

Top: Bergamot, Tea

Middle: Rose

Base: Jasmine

Kyoya Garyu / Klavier Gavin – based on Klavier’s office room

Top: Bergamot, La France

Middle: Freesia

Base: Elegant Amber Musk, Paccheri (Smoky Base)

Jin Yugami / Simon Blackquill – based on Simon’s prison cell

Top: Grape Fruit

Middle: Cassis, Freesia, Ginger, Nutmeg

Base: White Musk, Peach, Woody Amber, Paccheri (Unisex Base)

Phoenix Wright – Image via Capcom

Apollo Justice – Image via Capcom

Miles Edgeworth – Image via Capcom

Klavier Gavin – Image via Capcom

Simon Blackquill – Image via Capcom

The Ace Attorney series has received various kinds of merchandise other than figures. In May 2021, Capcom Cafe released a collection of Ace Attorney merchandise that included a tissue box modeled after Miles Edgeworth’s cravat.

The Ace Attorney character room diffusers will be available in Japan on January 25, 2024. Capcom will release Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Trilogy worldwide on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on the same day.

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