5 Tips for Everyone Starting Their Bayonetta Origins Journey

There’s a lot to do in the Avalon Forest in Bayonetta Origins. We’re also playing with early versions of Cereza and Cheshire that aren’t as strong as their counterparts in games like Bayonetta 3. Not to mention it’s a different sort of game, as it’s more of an adventure focused on solving puzzles and exploring. (I mean, there’s still some combat too, of course!) So if you’re just finding your footing, here are some things to keep in mind when getting started.

Disturb the Bushes!

If you run through the bushes as either Cereza or Cheshire, or extend Cheshire while in Hug Mode, you can find items. Disrupting them can result in finding materials you can use when concocting potions in the game. It’s an easy way to get things, and extending Cheshire is easy enough to collect items to build up the characters or create useful items.

Teach Cereza to Dodge!

Cereza can be a bit frail in battle early on in Bayonetta Origins. She’s great for binding foes for Cheshire to attack or to use items. But enemies will often target her frequently! Make sure you spend 100 Onyx Roses to get it as soon as you can. She already knows Thorn Bind, so nothing is “blocking” it once the skill trees for both characters unlock.

Get Cheshire’s Cheshire’s Charge Strike and Chomp Attack ASAP!

Eventually, you’ll start running into encounters with a lot of opponents on-screen at once. It is exceptionally helpful to have both Charge Strike and Chomp for Cheshire, as the former lets him quickly pounce on a far away enemy and the latter lets him chomp on a foe to finish it off. They’re both on the same “branch” of his skill tree. Using 150 Avalon Drops on Charge Strike lets you then move on to pick up Chomp immediately after.

Don’t Worry if You Can’t Get Somewhere!

Bayonetta Origins is a game that will eventually make it possible to easily backtrack via a fast travel system known as Ignis’ Pathways at Sanctuaries. So if you see giant mushrooms that look like spring, but don’t move, or weird green hooks begging to be pulled, know that eventually you’ll be able to get back here easily when the time is right.

Keep an Eye Out for Wisps!

You’ll often hear some little voices or see opponents tormenting the little white people known as Wisps in Bayonetta Origins. In many cases, helping one out is as easy as giving them some items you collected via scavenging or fighting enemies or saving them from the bad guys. There are 40 total, and you’ll first happen upon them while heading to get the second Elemental Core as part of the story.

Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon is available for the Nintendo Switch. A demo is available.

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