10 essential apps you need to download for the Apple Vision Pro

The Apple Vision Pro has been released, completely revolutionizing how AR and VR exist in our world. Augmented reality has never been so close and so expensive. However, although we have the new technology, that doesn’t mean that there is any practical use for it. That’s down to app developers. Here are 10 apps I think make the Apple Vision Pro worth using in your day-to-day life. Crouton Available here – Free If cooking is your thing, then this handy little app for the Apple Vision Pro is a must. With Crouton, you can bring up various recipes and videos to your vision while you buzz around the kitchen. I, for one, have ruined enough cookbook pages or stickied up my phone while trying to read the next steps. With Crouton, your hands are free for cooking and nothing else. Image: Youtube TLD The nice thing about having your recipes just in your eyeline while cooking is that you don’t have to be too distracted. The app can list the steps just outsid…

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